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Top 5 Online Broker and Trading Platform in UAE

Over hundred years, The United Arab Emirates financial system has been a world financial center. A number of established reputed financial markets are available in the United Arab Emirates. The main UAE markets include Dubai Financial Market and it deals in officially listed stocks and shares. 

With the forex market not having a central marketplace, it is not necessary for a UAE trader to have a forex broker that serves him. There are various areas that you need to take into consideration. Some of the areas are like overall customer service, the various accounts being offered, their regulatory compliance, and their trading platform. If you are looking for an online Forex trading in UAE, the first thing that you need to keep in mind is to have a financial broker that has regulation covering the UAE. After that it is important for you to insist your UAE broker to provide you the best forex trading platform in UAE. 

Below are the trading accounts that are offered by all the best online brokers in UAE

  1. UAE Financial Markets: There are two main financial exchanges in the United Arab Emirates. One is the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange and second one is the DFM that stands for the Dubai Financial Markets. These are the two markets that are overseen by the Emirates Securities Market (ESM). 

  2. Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange: This is the one that is also called as the ADX and deals in equities, bonds and funds. It was started in 2000 in Abu Dhabi and is used to trade shares of UAE companies. It is a stock exchange in Abu Dhabi.

  3. Dubai Financial Markets: DFM was established in 2000 by the government and it deals in various financial activities that includes equity instruments, ETF’s that stands for Exchange Traded Funds and also lending and borrowing of securities. It is a stock exchange located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

  4. Dubai International Financial Center: DIFC ie. Dubai International Financial Center was created by the Dubai Government in the year 2000. It was established to make Dubai as a global financial leader and hub. This is the one that is being operated in a free trade zone. It is known as a financial hub for Middle East, Africa and South Asia markets and comes in top ten global financial centers and also covering 110 ha.

  5. Dubai Multi Commodities Center: Gold, Diamond, Pearl and Tea- These are the four main commodity groups in which DMCC trades. Jumeirah Lakes Towers free zone is being used for operating DMCC. It was established by the government of Dubai in 2002 and it offers the physical, market and financial infrastructure that is necessary to have a hub for global commodities trade.

It’s really very important for you to find a reputable broker if you are looking to trade Forex or CFDs on the financial markets in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Here, we have gathered many points that help to save your time and work though, and come up with the very best broker in the UAE.