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Big Trend Swing Forex Trading Strategy

Many traders want to enter a trade right at the start of a new trend and exit right at the end of that trend. This gives traders the best profit. Traders who are able to trade at the start of a trend and exit at the end are the ones who will profit the most from a given trend.

However, this is easier said than done. This is because it is very difficult to predict the highs and lows. Traders can only dream of being good at picking highs and lows. Sure, sometimes we can guess the right numbers, but we can never be as accurate as we want to be.

Instead of targeting highs and lows, traders can use the trend right at the start of the trend. This is after the high or low after confirming that the trend has reversed. This allows traders to be more accurate with their trend reversal settings.

Now how can we confirm if the trend has reversed? There are many ways to confirm a trend reversal. Some trades are based on a breakout of the opposite support or resistance. Another is post-eruption retest trading.

Price action traders determine the trend based on a pattern of swing highs and swing lows. If the swing point increases, the market is bullish. If the swing point is down, then the market is bearish. A reversal is characterized by a shift in the pattern from an up pattern to a down pattern or vice versa.

Big Trend Swing Forex Trading Strategy trades trend reversals confirmed by price action patterns. It uses a variety of indicators to help traders easily spot trends and potential trend reversals, as well as short-term market dynamics.

TSR Big trend

The TSR Major Trend, also known as Slope Directional Line, is a custom trend follower indicator based on a modified moving average.

Moving averages are usually used to identify trend direction and trend reversals. Many identify trends based on the general position of the price action in relation to the moving average line. Others are based on the slope of the line. Trend reversals are often identified with a cross of price action and a moving average line or a cross of two moving average lines.

While moving averages are an excellent trend-following tool, most are either too sluggish or too susceptible to choppy market conditions.

The TSR Big Trend indicator is a smoothed version of the moving average line, so it's less prone to choppy market conditions. It is also designed to significantly reduce lag, making it much more responsive to changes in price movements.

The Big Trend TSR indicator can be used to identify trends and trend reversals based on the slope of the line as well as the location of the price movement in relation to the line. The indicator also changes color depending on the direction of the trend. The light blue TSR Big Trend line indicates an uptrend, while the tomato TSR Big Trend line indicates a downtrend.

Stochastic Oscillator

The Stochastic Oscillator is a momentum indicator designed to help traders see the direction of a trend or short-term momentum.

It draws two oscillator lines based on the historical average price movement. One line is faster than the other. The direction of the trend or momentum is based on how the lines intersect. When the faster line is above the slower line, the trend is bullish. When the faster line is below the slower line, the trend is down.

The Stochastic oscillator also has markers at the 20 and 80 levels. These markers indicate where the market is considered oversold or overbought. A line below 20 indicates an oversold market, while a line above 80 indicates an overbought market. Crossovers that occur at these levels tend to have a higher chance of actually reversing.

trading strategy

This trading strategy is a trend reversal strategy based on crossing the TSR Big Trend line and price action. However, instead of trading once the price crosses the line, we will wait for price action to confirm a trend reversal.

Once the price crosses the TSR big trend line, we wait for price action to produce a higher low on a bullish trend reversal or a lower high on a bearish trend reversal. This will confirm the trend reversal based on the price action.

The stochastic oscillator line will be used to confirm the direction of the trend or short-term momentum. This is simply based on how the two lines overlap.


(T_S_R)-Big trend
Stochastic Oscillator
%K period: 15
%D Period: 6th
Deceleration: 6
Preferred time frame: 1 hour, 4 hour and daily chart

Currency pairs: FX majors, minors and crosses