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The Secret to Always Profit Forex Trading

The secret is always Profit/win playing Forex Trading | Currently Forex has started to be rampant in the internet world, even young people or old people have used it, but sometimes they think Forex is the right way to make money. Such an opinion cannot be accepted by all circles, because it is very common to fail in playing forex. almost 99 out of 100 people, FAILED in the Forex business, as I quote from the source below.

The secret is always Profit wins playing Forex Trading

The Forex business is indeed very tempting, Forex is a big business ... the profit / profit that can be obtained from this business, can reach 200% / per day (for those who are professionals) this is the main factor causing the failure, namely:

"Tempted by Exorbitant Profit"

It is very human if we remember the saying:


But please note that in the Forex business, you must know well,

What kind of "SUGAR" would you like to enjoy.

There are 3 basic requirements for someone to be successful from Forex, namely:

1. know the basics of Forex correctly

2. has a Signal Indicator that is already recognized by itself, and more importantly, TRUST itself.

3. have sufficient FLYING HOURS (minimum 3 months of training). During this training period, record all your activities in a book, so you can evaluate, why you lose, or why you can profit, and so on.

4. Must have a daily profit target, for example 10% per day / 50 pips per day. If you have reached the target enough and rest.

After the three conditions above are owned, then increase to be able to create/make/get/buy an Expert level Trading SYSTEM.

A Forex Trader must know..., that:

>> Trader's HABIT is "DATE" with his PC/Laptop <<


After an open order, always wait for it to make a profit, then when it's just a little profit..., it's closed.

Ironically, many (95%) traders like the "Scalping" style. One of the MOST dangerous trading styles...! Because if the profit is only a little, if the loss...?! Finished...!

And this is also one of the main causes of a trader's failure to profit from Forex trading.

*** One of the UNIQUE steps in the PAMUNGKAS STRATEGY is:

>>> Activate MT4 only once every ONE hour <<<

(most often you can monitor every HALF an hour)

after that the trader MUST disconnect the internet connection or Close MT4 / Streamster for Marketiva


If you are a trader who does not dare to take steps to cut off the internet connection or Close MT4 after monitoring, then you should not continue your trading business...!!!

Because this indicates that you are a person who:



2. DO NOT BELIEVE in the Signal Indicator you are using